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Welcome to the AWC website!

Thank you for visiting our website!   Throughout this site, we hope that you can see that we are a fun loving group of American women living in Lebanon.     

Being an American in Lebanon hasn't been easy lately.   Simple things that are taken for granted in the US, such as 24/7 electricity, have been limited.   Some of our members only have a few hours of electricity a day.    There was a shortage of gas for the cars for a long period, with people staying in line for hours waiting to get the amount of gas allotted by the station.  The gas crises has improved, but the prices have skyrocketed.   The value of the official currency of Lebanon, the Lebanese Lira, has fallen , which has caused some of our members salaries to fall to fraction of what they were.   

But one thing that I have learned living here in Lebanon, is the Lebanese people are resilient.   They are tired, but still love this country, as do I.  Living in Lebanon is special, it has a certain feel to it that can't be described.  After having been in the US for a few months, my family asked why was I going back.   My answer was "it is my home now and I love it there".  

Our group has dwindled in sized as many of our members have left us for the states or other countries. However, those that are no longer in Lebanon continue to stay part of the American Women's Club of Lebanon through our zoom calls, newsletters and WhatsApp group chats.   Friendships forged at AWC-Lebanon are founded in common interests and maintain strong across the miles.

Thank you again for visiting our website.   Stay strong and stay safe.

~ Jill Achkar - President 2022